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All-Inclusive Umrah & Hajj Packages 2020

It is essential to choose the right travelling company when you have to perform one of the most significant rituals of Islam. We at Low-Cost Umrah have designed Best Umrah Packages in the UK and Hajj 2020 Packages tailored to your needs.

Our Islamic Tours Packages make us the perfect companion for your journey and our high-quality services combined with top-class accommodation, make us stand out.

Here at LowCostUmra, you will find several low priced Umrah and Hajj packages from the UK. We have designed these packages to match your exact requirements.

What’s Included

  • Affordable Umrah and Hajj Packages 2020
  • Cheap Umrah Packages 2020
  • Tailored To Match Your Standard

Our highly professional team of experienced people provide you with a great experience in terms of assisting you in choosing the best budget-friendly Umrah package for you. Our offer quality services, you can only find in the most expensive offered by most travel agencies offers in the UK.

Low Price Packages

We offer top quality but low-cost umrah packages for our valuable clients. We have a variety of affordable Hajj and Umrah packages available according to needs and requirements starting from 7 to 14 nights.

Quality-Oriented Services

Our UK based travel agents provide budget Umrah and Hajj 2020 packages along with flights services. Since the start of services, we have sent thousands of pilgrims through our cheap Umrah packages.

Best Accommodation

Hotels and accommodation during umrah is the most essential thing for every pilgrim. By selecting the best hotels with all the necessary facilities, we ensure your peace of mind with our economical Umrah Packages.

Economical Umrah With 3 Star Hotels and Facilities

  • 4 Star Affordable Umrah Packages
  • Luxurious 5 Star Deluxe Umrah Packages
  • Discounts for Families, Group Umrah Package.

Our Values

We aim to make every Muslim’s dream of visiting the sacred land of Makkah & Madina possible with our cost-effective Hajj & Umrah packages.

Our every Umrah package is designed with one goal in mind, which is to pay the utmost respect to all the pilgrims of Mecca & Madina. We are committed to providing our services by keeping our values in it imperative.

We strive to make your spiritual journey carefree and comfortable so that you maintain your focus on worshipping Allah (SWT).

We also want you to include us in your prayers because we know that prayers are the only source that can help us grow and provide such services to all the Muslims in the UK who wants to visit the holy land of Mecca & Medina.

Low Priced Umrah Packages

Why should you prefer low-cost umrah?

Low-cost umrah is a UK based travelling company which provides Umrah packages along with flights services.

Since the inception of our services, we have sent thousands of pilgrims through our cheap Umrah packages.

Low-Cost umrah is provided all the Umrah services with sincerity while keeping the only reward in mind which only Allah (SWT) can give.

The following reasons help us stand out when it comes to providing Umrah services in the UK:

Budget Umrah Packages

All-inclusive Umrah packages are best known for delivering peace of mind to all the pilgrims. Our history of services & testimonials by our respected customers speak about our legacy.

We know the importance of peace while you are visiting the holy places. That is why through our cheap Umrah packages, we assure to make your entire Umrah peaceful and as comfortable as possible.

Low Price Umrah Packages 2020

We at the Low-Cost Umrah always try to keep our packages to the lowest prices while maintaining the quality standards on the top shelves so you can focus on your worships without any concerns.

To ensure that our prices are of the lowest cost, we design special customised packages for our Muslim customers in the UK.

With our years of experience on our back, we know about the cost of the umrah.

That is why, after removing all the unnecessary things from the Umrah package, we come up with the most affordable Umrah package for our Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK.


Co-ordination at every second.

The entire process of umrah usually takes 15 to 20 days, depending on your budget. Our experienced agents present here in the office stays in contact with you 24/7.

We put serious emphasise on keeping our communication with the pilgrims strong. That is why we follow the policy of Co-ordination with pilgrims every second.

If you need any details about the extensions of our services or if you have any complaints regarding any other pilgrim in our group or any of our crew members then you can quickly contact our representative anytime.

Designing Umrah Packages As Per Your Needs & Standards

It is essential to choose the right travelling company when you have to perform one of the most significant rituals of Islam.

So we at the Low-Cost Umrah have designed packages according to your needs.

Our packages make us your perfect companion for your journey, and our high-quality services are designed with competitive pricing while maintaining the standard and quality of travel for pilgrims.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced people who operate all the Umrah tours and assist you in choosing the best suited and cheap Umrah packages for you.

We also offer premium Hajj & Umrah services which stand among some of the most expensive Umrah packages in the UK.

Air Tickets by Finest Airlines

To make sure you start your holy journey with all the blessings from nature and comfort from our side, we book your tickets in the top-notch airlines.

We endeavour the best airlines, and due to our connection and being the most frequent customer of these best airlines, we manage to get lower prices than the standard rates of these airlines tickets.

This helps us in keeping our Umrah packages with flights prices as minimum as possible and provide you with low-cost Umrah packages.

Luxury conveyance in Mecca and Medina

Travelling between the holy cities is the most common attribute of umrah and for all Umrah pilgrims.

Therefore, keeping the warm weather of Saudi Arabia in mind, we make sure that you travel in air-conditioned buses with large enough leg space and comfortable seats.

Through this, we ensure that when you reach either Mecca or Medina, you have your full strength and feel fresh enough to worship Allah (SWT) with all your soul and heart.

This another effort is made to make your umrah easier and more soulful and also make Low-cost Umrah the premium Umrah service providing company in the UK too.

High Standard Accommodation

Hotels and accommodation for the pilgrims during umrah is the most essential thing that every pilgrim should consider while choosing either family or 5 stars Umrah packages.

We cover this aspect too by only selecting the best hotels which would have all the necessary facilities for the pilgrims.

We make sure that the hotel has undisrupted internet facility so you can also contact your loved ones back in the UK or any other part of the world.

Our on-board hotels are also instructed that they have to give special treatment to our customers. We believe they are the reason why we have the blessings by being the source of sending this much people to the house of Allah (SWT) and His (SWT) messenger Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ).